About ACF

The African Christian Fellowship is guided by Four Core Strategic Principles.   Each of the principles provide a framework for local, regional, national and international program implementation.

The ACF Ministry focuses on Four Strategic Core Areas

  1. Building The ACF Family & Community
    To build, preserve, and support stable, functional, and harmonious African Christian Families & Community that effectively addresses the spiritual, physical, social and emotional needs, and recognizes the diversity of its members.
  2. Reconnecting with The Continent
    To initiate, maintain and support active and relevant connections with the Continent and peoples of Africa; to maximize the benefits of Africa's Spiritual, social, economic, and cultural resources.
  3. Building Bridges
    To establish consistent, viable, and productive relationships with other groups in the United States, whose mission and purpose agree with ours.
  4. Passing the Legacy
    To inculcate in our children an appreciation of the vision and values of the ACF, and equip them to effectively serve God's purpose in their generation.